Financial Transformation for Growth

The CFO's Role

A few key areas to consider

Capital Allocation

Expenditures need to align with high growth areas. New sales or growth should be viewed with a 2-3 year context when making investment decisions or when allocating more capital to a project or idea.

Operating Rythm

Regular discussion cadence needs to be established to review business performance. Business performance should be measured not just with leading financial metrics but together with market and competitor data points.

Agile Planning Processes

Establish strategic financial targets 2-3 years out and then build a short and medium plan to achieve those targets. Have levers in mind to invest or find efficiencies along the way to help you achieve your targets.

“Logic will get you from point A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein

Jane Miller


This website looks at a CFOs "critical to success" areas as they help to build a growth platform.

We will introduce regular topics from a CFOs vantage point and address the challenges and opportunities that the topics present.


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